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PUBG: How to Properly loot the Air Drop


All things considered, everybody cherishes the AWM with 15x and clearly, how might you disregard the Ghillie Suit, yet everybody fears plundering the airdrop on the grounds that clearly, a large portion of the guide considers getting the AWM, M24, Groza and numerous others. Everybody has a reason, that plundering the air-drop is incomprehensible, yet here are genius tips, that can change your reason until the end of time.

Is PUBG Gonna Die, Or Keep the Throne

  • Hide behind the Trees and bait the drop
  • Wait at leastĀ half minute for someone to take the drop, keep an eye on surroundings
  • Park your vehicle away from drop, never park it with the drop ( Else people will shoot the vehicle insted )
  • Take the drop, which is close to you.
  • Never switch to a M249, if you have suppressed Rifle ( especially in 3rd-4th Circles )
  • Best Snipers Ratio AWM > M24 > Kar98k
  • If you are bridge camping with M249, you need alot of 5.56 because M249 each mag uses 100 bullets.
  • Groza ( 7.62mm) is superior to any rifle in the game
  • Never think that 15x means your range increased, you still have to measure zeroing distance.
  • Always try to bait someone else before taking the airdrop, this ratio will get you alot of loot.
  • Looting the Airdrop in last circles is bad idea.
  • Never loot the Airdrop in open fields