Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Everything We Know: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Note: Samsung, the world leading tech company. Producing almost everything related to Electronics. Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones are without a doubt some of the...
iPhone 8: Everything we know

iPhone 8: Everything You Should Know.

iPhone: iPhone has been leading the IOS market ever since its launch, and also holds the record for worlds first smartphone ever made. And over...

LG G4 and LG V10 now rocking Android Nougat 7.0

LG G4 and V10 Background:  LG is one of the leading electronic companies. They have produced a wide verity of Electronic and tech stuff and have...
Evolution of Galaxy S Phones

The Evolution of Galaxy S series Smartphones.

Samsung: Galaxy S Smartphones: Samsung is a world leading tech company founded on 1 March 1938, Daegu, South Korea. Samsung has a tonne of different...
Nokia 8

Nokia 8: Everything we know.

Nokia: Nokia has been a leading Mobile tech company of early Mobile age and has produced some of the best mobile phones of its time. But...

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S series Smartphones: Samsung is one of the leading tech companies. and produces Amazing top quality tech stuff which may be about Computers,...
Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2: Everything we know.

Google Pixel Smartphones: Background of Google Pixel 2: Google recently stepped into the smartphone Market with their first Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones. Both...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price and Release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaks are here, Samsung users are waiting for the phone badly, let's see What is new. The leaks...

Galaxy Note 8 Almost here

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:  Samsung has been one of the leading tech companies. Especially when it comes to smartphones. The galaxy note series from Samsung has...

Top 5 Android Phones of 2017

Smart Phones are very essential in our life these days. They are one piece of machinery we find it very difficult to live without...

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