Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Final fantasy 7 Remake, Details.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Details.

one of my Favourite games of all times is getting Remastered from its 1997 (PS1) graphics to the (PS4) that's right Final Fantasy 7...
WWE 2K18 Details

Upcoming WWE 2K18 Details & Thoughts.

WWE 2K18 This announcement is awesome I can't wait to see (WWE) 2K18 and (Seth Rollins) on the cover star.WWE 2K18 cover star for the upcoming...
Spiderman PS4 Thoughts & Review

Spider-Man PS4 Details & Thoughts.

This is one of those great amusements that I can hardly wait to play the new (Spider man) diversion looks absolutely magnificent and astonishing...
Soul Calibur 6 Quick Review & Thoughts.

Soul Calibur 6 Thoughts.

Soul Calibur 6 Quick Review & Thoughts: It's been a while of one wonderful fighting game series Soul Calibur. And so to mark the...
Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Official Trailer Is Out.

Call of Duty: WWII: Nazi Zombies is the upcoming mod for Call of Duty WWII, It was revealed in San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Earlier this...
GTA 4 Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod

GTA 4 Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod Gameplay (4K) 60Fps

GTA 4 Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod: Previously we saw the beautiful Remastered Version of GTA Vice City, which was very similar to actual GTA...

MotoGP 17 8k, 60Fps PC Gameplay.

MotoGP 17 8k: Again the Youtuber Thirty IR has surprisedĀ us with his unique Gameplay skills, this time the YouTuber was able to play MotoGP...
Megaman X9 Review

MegaMan X9 Review & Thoughts.

MegaMan X9: (Megaman) was one of them awesome games I enjoy playing but it's the (MegaMan X) series I loved the characters the action find...
Parasite Eve - Review & Thoughts.

Parasite Eve – Review & Thoughts.

Parasite Eve - Review & Thoughts.I'm gonna talk about the (ParasiteEve) series. This game was one awesomely great game of its time from the...
GTA Vice 4k 60fps

GTA Vice City Rage Class Beta 4 Gameplay, 4k 60fps.

GTA Vice City being one of the best classics, the game is really fun to play, how ever the game graphics are very bad....

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