Recently an article was published on 3DCentre which gave the idea of AMD’s latest upcoming Graphic Cards called RX VEGA XTX, RX VEGA XT, RX VEGA XL, names are bit boring ha? let’s preview the details.

Basically, the Vega XTX Is a water-cooled edition of XT with higher TDP, whereas XT Is Air cooled version, but this Isn’t confirmed yet, still we can approve that they exist, apart from this we can assume that Vega XTX Is like MSI Seahawk Edition of 1080ti, while the XT Is normal Gaming X Air cooled edition, so that’s just an example. The XL Is a custom variant meaning that It’s a cut-down Vega. The XTX and XT both will feature 8GB VRAM and their maybe 16gb ram planned, but at the moment we can only assume 8GB Vram.

AMD Radeon RX VEGA XTX 4096 8GB HBM2 375W 300W AIO Cooler
AMD Radeon RX VEGA XT 4096 8GB HBM2 285W 220W Air Cooler
AMD Radeon RX VEGA XL 3584 ?GB HBM2 285W 220W Air Cooler, AIB exclusive

I think AMD Has really pushed things up, Recently their Ryzen was a great success, considering the fact that It was able to beat a lot of over-priced Intel Processors, this Vega lineup Is also similar to the old Fury Series, after all these all are rumours, time will tell us, so lets hope for the best. Vega cards will be officially unveiled on July 30th at SIGGRAPH Capsaicin.

Details of AMD Radeon VEGA Frontier.